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Message from Campaign

Dear Class of 2021,

We hope that in this period of uncertainty, fresh excitement and fear, compassion, hope, and everything in between, you have been able to check in with yourself and those closest to you.

Our Halcyon days

We’ve come to the final stretch of our Halcyon days. When each of us first set foot on campus as the Class of 2021, we wondered about what this College held for us. From each of our unique paths leading to Yale-NUS, we experienced the fresh company of new ideas, friends, and (free) food, as well as our share of new barriers to overcome and injustices to right.

Alongside those closest to us, we sought to define for ourselves what a liberal education means – from scrambling for modules during the early chaotic years pre-ModReg, exploring the myriad possibilities of student organisations, summer and semester abroad programmes, and to once again choosing a fork in the woods for our major declaration.

Back to principles

Reminiscing these times and more, we in the Senior Class Gift Committee have worked to create a campaign that reflects our shared and varied experiences and learnings. In preparing the various activities for the coming year, our team thought deeply, not only about what all of us might enjoy, but also about what ultimately means the most to us, at the end of our brief time here at Yale-NUS. With the sombre mood amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we see this campaign as an opportunity to go back to the basics, and to ask the important questions. What is Yale-NUS about, and why do we choose to give? In this spirit, we have centred our campaign around the following themes: 1) Gratitude & Responsibility; 2) A Liberal Education; and 3) Human Connections — to recognise what we have earned and been given, to apply what we have learnt for good, and to celebrate our unique experiences in this residential community.

Innovations for the year

It is with this spirit that the Senior Class Gift 2021 team has worked to make this campaign go beyond a usual giving campaign.. We especially hope to tie together what our four years as Kingfishers means to us. In line with our campaign themes, the first key thrust this year is to democratize community narratives – to include the multitudes of Class of 2021 stories, lived experiences, and perspectives in this campaign. The second key thrust is for Senior Class Gift 2021 to be “More Than: Giving”, by innovating new platforms for community celebration, value-adding to seniors, and fundraising from beyond the college. We hope that you will find these initiatives as meaningful as we do.


A self-defined campaign


All this is what this Senior Class Gift means to us. Perhaps giving to the college means something entirely different to you. We encourage you to draw from any and all of these reflections.

We hope that we can reflect on the ways we have and can continue to give even outside of the SCG, because of what each of us has received during our time here. Ultimately, we hope that the Senior Class Gift this year will create a safe and nurturing place to realise, connect, and celebrate the best of our Yale-NUS education.


Finally, with our chosen fund, the Yale-NUS College Financial Aid Fund, we hope to help ensure that future generations of deserving students will have the opportunity to build their future the way we have, regardless of their background. Thank you for all the memories we’ve shared together these four years. On behalf of the team, be well, and we are excited for what is yet to come.

Warmly yours,

Betina K. Choa ’21 & Ng Yi Ming ’21
Campaign Co-Directors

Senior Class Gift Committee 2021


* Your gift will be counted towards the Senior Class Gift if you are a senior who is on track to graduate either from our four-year programme before May 2022, or from our Concurrent Degree Programmes / the Double Degree Programme with Law before May 2023.